Pursuant to DepEd Order No.23 S. 2016 otherwise known as School Calendar of activities for School Year 2016-2017 which showed the school events and activities for the said school year. Specific guidelines enable the schools to effectively and efficiently conduct school events and activities and to allow the Regional Offices (ROs) and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) to provide support to the schools, especially in the areas of instruction and progress monitoring and evaluation.

Parent-teacher conference shall be conducted every quarter, specifically on the 6th day after every periodical examination and shall be held on Saturday. The conference is intended to appraise the parents on the progress of performance of their children and ensure parental involvement in school activities.

Cabantian Elementary School is mandated to follow and implement the said DepED order, specifically in learners performance-assessment. However, it was observed that there was a delay in the releasing of grades.

This situation motivated the School CI Team to undertake this project and find out certain significant truths.

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