Contract Implementation is the delivery of procured goods and services, this is done after the procurement process- Awarding!

Purchase Order is a document that serves as contract by and between the procuring entity and the supplier of goods and services. This document must be crafted and served to the winning bidder upon receipt of the approved Abstract of Quotations from the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Office. Delay in the signing and serving of this document to the winning bidder will result to late delivery of goods.

Based on the gathered data, from the 101 opened bid for trainings and seminars for the year 2016 only 63 orĀ  62% of purchase orders were served on time to the winning bidders.

As stipulated in the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 9485 or an act to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public, it is desired by the Division Office to serve all approved Purchase Orders within 3 days after receipt of the abstract of quotations to obtain a one hundred percent delivery of procured goods on the desired schedule.

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