The Division of Tagum City is a medium-sized division in Region XI. Presently, it has a total of One Thousand Eight Hundred Six (1,806) teaching and non-teaching personnel holding plantilla positions. It continues to improve its services which aims to establish globally competitive employees and learners as well as collaborative stakeholders.

With the implementation of K to 12 curriculum, school enrolment has increased tremendously. Schools had been established in different barangays as well as school extensions for secondary level. Consequently, teaching and non-teaching items were issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) as requested by DepEd.

In filling in vacant positions, the Division of Tagum City has implemented the following:
DepEd Order # 29, s. 2002, “Merit Selection Plan of the Department of Education,”
DepEd Order # 16, s. 2005, “Guidelines on Recruitment, Evaluation, Selection and Appointment of Teachers in Public Schools.”
DepEd Order # 66, s. 2007, “Revised Guidelines on the Appointment and Promotion of Other Teaching, Related Teaching and Non-Teaching Positions,” and
DepEd Order # 77 s. 2010 known as, “Guidelines on the Allotment/ Deployment of New Teaching, Teaching-related and Non-Teaching Positions”

Memorandum Circular No. 28 of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) also supports that “ Publication and posting requirements must be compiled within a period of sixty (60) calendar days.

Publication of vacancy maybe through the Bulletin of Vacancies in the CSC or other modes (e.g. newspapers, website, etc). The vacancy shall also be posted in three (3) conspicuous places for at least fifteen (15) calendar days for local government agencies or ten (10) calendar days for other government agencies.

After compliance with the publication/ posting requirements and had undertaken the selection and ranking processes,  the appointing authority may issue an appointment immediately.

However, the Schools Division of Tagum City faces new challenges in the recruitment and selection process which is an internal issue. This is evident in the current situation of the Division. Based on the records of the Personnel Office, there were vacant positions that took months or even years to fill in.

This project will therefore seek to understand the factors which cause delays in the filling in of natural vacancies and in doing so will provide insight both from an academic perspective to improve the process. It hopes that through this project, not only our Division but also other divisions will gain from it.

If the vacant items be filled-in earlier within the prescribed period, the vacuum of work vacated by the personnel involved will be given attention which will result to the quick and effective delivery of services to the clients. Hence, the Division Office and schools will have sufficient personnel to cater to the needs of the learners.

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