The role of public procurement in any government worldwide has changed drastically over the years. Once a matter exclusive only to experts has now become subject to public scrutiny. TRANSPARENCY and GOOD GOVERNANCE –  these were the principal motivating factors, among others, which facilitated the legislation of comprehensive procurement law to govern the acquisition of goods and services in the government. Anchored on the understanding that public procurement is at the heart of delivering public service, sound procurement policies and procurement is fundamental to any government operations.

In the Philippines, Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act took effect. It established a systematic and standardized procurement process for all government agencies, bureaus, departments, government-owned, and government-controlled corporations. The conduct of procurement shall be governed by the principle of transparency in all procurement transactions, fair and equitable competition among prospective bidders/suppliers, streamlined procurement process, system of accountability for both procurement practitioners and prospective bidders/suppliers, and public monitoring to ascertain compliance with the provision of RA 9184, its Implementing Rules and Regulations and other procurement-related governmental issuances. The procurement framework covers the procurement process from planning to contract Implementation and termination.

In the Division of Island Garden City of Samal Calendar Year 2016, data showed that out of the 36 sample transactions, 16/36 (44%) were completed within 1 month and 20/36 (56%) were completed within 3-4 months. These data implies the need to improve the procurement process in the Division. Moreover, it was noted by some customers that procurement process took 3-4 months. Thus, it is imperative that something has to be done to address this concern.

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