A Master Teacher is an individual recognized for excellence in the classroom, including the ability to improve student achievement, the ability to mentor other teachers in achieving excellence in their classrooms, the ability to communicate effectively with their stakeholders and demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning.

For School Year 2013- 2014, DepEd Region XI- Secondary level has a total of 592 Master Teachers, 513 are actually within the  schools, 55 vacant positions and 24 are detailed in the office(s), school(s) or within the division. While in the Elementary level, there are 1,363 Master Teachers, 1,299 are traced to be within the schools,  2 are on leave, 37 vacant positions and 25 are detailed in the office(s), school(s) or within the division. A total of 1,955 Master Teachers both in the Elementary and Secondary.

Master Teachers are essential in enhancing the academic performance of the Region since they are presumed to be equipped with clear goals to further the breadth and depth of the curriculum, the content, pedagogy and knowledge of students. However, despite their knowledge, skills and expertise, a huge number of master teachers are not being utilized in the classrooms but are purportedly given administrative jobs, office workforce of principals and district supervisors. Instead of teaching they are performing office functions and other ancillary services.

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